Zach /zęk/ Spelled Pronunciation [zak]

–noun a male given name, form of Zachary or Zachariah.

Also, Zack.
where imagination meets the page and your dreams become reality
This short novel has been written for children of all ages, but more especially those like Brenna and Julianna Vivino, wonderful kids with big dreams and bigger hearts.

It is Xaak's hope that this children's novel is a book where parents and children will take turns reading to each other.

The Monkey Princess by Xaak Doyle

Breanna Gatsby travels with her Dad, Dr. Michael Gatsby, who is a botanist and her mother, McKenna Gatsby, who is a nurse, to the Brasilia and Greenwing Valley areas of Brazil, as her father has accepted a position on a research team there.
Breanna becomes a hero, one that she never anticipated becoming. Her huge heart and desire to help people, a trait that she shared with her parents, make the world, and those that come in contact with Breanna, a much better place to live.
One little girl makes such an impact in the world,
that her contagious smile and laugh become priceless.
How quickly they grow...
how beautiful they stay!
Xaak Doyle
She makes many friends, learns a different culture, and in a moment of selflessness and giving, shares a gift she received from a dear friend she made in Brazil.
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